Apex Mobile ‘not looking to rewrite any lore,’ will focus on the stories that shape the world

The Mobile team is doubling down on how the Syndicate continues to manipulate the Games.

Apex Legends Mobile won’t retroactively change the lore of Apex Legends. Instead, it will focus on the stories that shape the Outlands, the developers revealed in a press conference last week. This includes the game’s first new legend, Fade, and the story of the Syndicate itself.

“Were not looking to rewrite any lore that our players know and love,” senior director of product Myke Hoff said. “Our going storytelling and the stories youre familiar with will push into areas players have wanted to hear more of and to unpack more of the backstory that helped shape this world.”

For the first season, Apex Mobile will dig into the Syndicate and how it continues to manipulate the Apex Games, according to Hoff. This includes both the in-universe manipulation behind the scenes and palpable changes to the maps. For instance, during the game’s first season, the Syndicate will introduce the Climatizer to World’s Edge in Apex Mobile, shaking up the landscape of the Talos arena.

Additionally, the story in Apex Mobile each season will take place “in two parts, month over month and week over week,” according to Hoff, with seasons lasting for approximately two months.

One of the newest, most eye-catching aspects of Apex Mobile is the new legend, Fade, available exclusively on mobile devices. Fade “was a member of a mercenary family before a job went wrong, leaving him with the tools and the motivation for revenge,” according to design director Jordan Patz. Fade also has a suit based on the same technology as Wraith’s powers, which opens up opportunities for Apex Mobile to explore more about the past of the Frontier and create another link to the story from Apex Legends.

Fans can meet Fade and experience Apex Mobile on both iOS and Android when it launches globally on May 17.

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