Apex Legends’ Wintertide event is giving one of the most popular legends a Prestige skin

Ready to level up your gear?

After a teaser yesterday, Apex Legends has officially introduced Wintertide, its winter event.

Wintertide, which is classified as a collection event, is starting next Tuesday, Dec. 6. In a tweet posted today, the official Apex account shared a trailer showing off all of the event’s new skins and collectibles.

New legendary skins will be available for Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Newcastle, Valkyrie, and Crypto, among other cosmetics. Several of these skins also have a matching weapon skin: Gibraltar’s matches an R-99 skin, Bloodhound’s matches a Prowler skin, Newcastle’s matches a Peacekeeper skin, and Valkyrie’s matches a Triple Take skin. There will also be a free prize tracker with another Gibraltar skin, an Alternator skin, and a holo-spray.

As is usually the case with collection events, players who collect all 24 seasonal cosmetics will also unlock a Mythic item. The item in question this time around is a Prestige skin for Wraith. Known as Voidshifter, it has a frigid blue hue and a starry cape that suit the holiday season. By completing objectives, players can level it up twice, unlocking two new appearance configurations that eventually give the interdimensional skirmisher a mecha-like set of armor.

During Wintertide, players will be able to participate in the Winter Express limited-time mode, the game’s traditional holiday LTM. Winter Express has appeared in every holiday event so far, making it one of the game’s most consistent LTMs. In the mode, three teams of players fight over multiple rounds to capture a festive train on World’s Edge.

Apex developer Respawn has not announced an end date for Wintertide yet. Based on previous events, it will last most of the month of December, running anywhere from 20 to 30 days in total. The event begins on Dec. 6.

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