Apex Legends ushers in fall with new Fall Hunt sale: Birthright Valkyrie, Roaring Guardian Crypto, and more

Pumpkin Spice Longbow.

Fans of one of the best lore-based skins in Apex Legends will be pleased to know that the Fall Hunt Sale is now live in the game, featuring the return of the Birthright Legendary Valkyrie skin. The skin, which features a helmeted Valkyrie and numerous references to her Titanfall 2 antagonist father, Viper, comes to the game alongside multiple recolored Legendary skins and plenty of Apex Pack bundles for players chasing after Heirloom Shards.

Another highlight of the sale is the Roaring Guardian Crypto skin, a Legendary recolor of the Hallowed Spirit skin players could previously unlock by buying the Champion Edition of Apex back in season seven.

The new version of the skin features actual tiger stripes and a glowing orange mouth and eyes. It’s instantly one of the best Crypto skins in the game and players won’t want to miss out on it.

Another recolor of a Champion Edition skin available in the Fall Hunt Sale is the Necromancer Revenant skin, which turns the Forged Knight skin into something darker and spookier, somehow. The Necromancer bundle also comes with a Legendary Flatline recolor, Hell Shell, while Valkryie’s Birthright bundle comes with the return of the Dawn’s Awakening Longbow.

The Fall Hunt Sale also includes the return of the rewards from the now-defunct Octane Edition of Apex, featuring the Arachnoid Rush Legendary skin. Players who buy the bundle will also receive the Arachnoid Charge Rifle and the Venomous Octane badge.

Finally, there are several options here for players just looking for a deal when they buy their Apex Packs. Most of the aforementioned skins come bundled with certain amounts of Apex Packs, while players also have options to buy bundles of 20 or 100 Apex Packs for a smaller amount of Apex Coins that are only bundled with a weapon charm. Since opening lots of Apex Packs is the only way to quickly find Heirloom Shards, players looking to save money while still moving quickly through their 500-pack counter should take advantage of the deals while they can.

The Fall Hunt Sale is now live in Apex and will run until Sept. 6.

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