Apex Legends surpasses $2 billion milestone

A major achievement for the battle royale.

Electronic Arts has released its financial report for the year, highlighting the rapid growth of its stand-out titles, including Apex Legends.

The company says that the growth of its live services has been mostly fueled by two major titles, FIFA and Apex Legends. “[It] was driven by strength across our broad-based portfolio, mostly notably by Apex Legends and FIFA,” Chris Suh, EA’s executive said. EA also underlined that the popular battle royale has reached an impressive $2 billion milestone.

Apex is said to be “up over 40% for the year.” As a result, the game has crossed “the $2 billion milestone in lifetime net bookings.” Suh said that Season 12, which concluded on May 10, was the game’s most successful season to date. He also added that Apex Legends Mobile “is performing well in tests and is close to launch.”

Lifetime net bookings are the number of services, products, and goods sold digitally or physically since a product was launched. In the case of Apex, this is in-game items, battle passes, and everything else that has been purchased since the game came out in 2019.

Suh praised FIFA as well, saying that the newest entry in the franchise, FIFA 22, has been “the most successful FIFA ever… with net bookings up double digits.” The series, though, is about to undergo some major changes, which were announced on May 10.

EA Sports won’t be cooperating with FIFA from Fall 2023, with FIFA 23 being the latest entry made by both companies. From then on, the games will be called EA SPORTS FC, with more details coming in the summer of 2023.

Andrew Wilson, another EA executive, said the EA SPORTS FC will be an “authentic, inclusive, and immersive global entertainment property at the epicenter of football fandom.”

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