Apex Legends streamer goes from Rookie to Predator rank in one stream

Could it be a new record?

An Apex Legends streamer from Australia climbed from Rookie to Apex Predator solo during the course of one 37-hour stream.

Esports personality Jake Lucky shared a clip on Twitter of streamer Wxltzy winning a final game and making it to Apex Predator as a result. Wxltzy performed the feat in just one stream, according to Lucky. The climb lasted 37 hours and 13 minutes, with the streamer refusing to sleep and only taking five hours of breaks while in queue. In a statement to Lucky, Wxltzy shared that he played on servers based out of Tokyo rather than on his home Sydney servers because the queue times were taking too long. As a result, he dealt with ping as high as 170 while ranking.

Wxltzy’s time is significantly shorter than iiTzTimmy’s famous “Solo Bronze to Predator” stream, which took 54 hours. In his conversation with Lucky, Wxltzy cited iiTzTimmy’s run as inspiration and competition. Both streamers finished the run successfully while playing with random matchmade teams rather than preset groups, an impressive feat in a game that relies on teamwork. IiTzTimmy had to restart his stream before he hit 48 hours to avoid breaking Twitch’s terms of service, but Wxltzy managed to avoid that by finishing his run much more quickly.

Wxltzy is no stranger to competitive Apex. As a member of Team Burger, he recently placed 17th with his team in the ALGS 2022 Championship. He generally plays Caustic, though this stream saw him playing a lot of Horizon and Bloodhound to climb.

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