Apex Legends’ Spellbound collection event is finally giving Seer his Heirloom

This might just be the best Heirloom yet.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has announced the game’s next event: the Spellbound collection event.

In a trailer released Wednesday morning on social media, Respawn revealed what Apex players can expect during the event. Spellbound will start on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and run through Jan. 24. There will be four week-long shop rotations during the even that offer new and old skins and other cosmetics.

As with other collection events, this event will feature a new Heirloom, this time for Seer. Players who collect all 24 of the new cosmetics, which include legendary skins for Mad Maggie, Seer, Mirage, and Vantage as well as matching weapon skins, will receive the Showstoppers, Seer’s Heirloom, for free. The event will also include a free prize tracker that awards a Lifeline skin, two weapon skins, and a weapon charm.

Besides the new cosmetics, Spellbound will also see the return of Control, one of the Apex community’s most-loved limited-time modes. The LTM will feature updated weapon loadout combinations and three playable POIs: Storm Point’s Barometer, World’s Edge’s Lava Siphon, and Olympus’ Hammond Labs. Notably absent are Caustic Treatment and any POIs from Broken Moon, Apex‘s latest map.

The event is also introducing a handful of small balance changes and will now allow all players to create private matches to host tournaments. Lobbies can be created from the main menu and can be shared via tournament codes. Respawn has promised that additional information on private matches, including an FAQ, will be coming in the future.

Spellbound begins Jan. 10.

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