Apex Legends smashes concurrent player record on Steam

New season, new player record for the battle royale.

The hits keep coming for Apex Legends, as the incredibly successful game reached another milestone.

Following the launch of Saviors, the game’s 13th season, on May 10, the game set a new record for itself on Steam, with over 400,000 players in the game concurrently on the PC platform.

The new high mark comes directly following a successful season launch, featuring the games newest character, Newcastle, as well as changes to the games ranked mode and Storm Point map. Crucial to this record was server stability, which has been an issue for the game in seasons past. Technical issues during the season 12 launch caused players on multiple platforms to experience dips in FPS and left many wondering if similar issues would plague season 13. So far, it seems the majority of players havent experienced such wide-ranging technical problems.

The former record for concurrent players on Steam was set just a few months ago during season 12. Then, the game managed to reach a peak of around 393,000 players. Apex flew past that mark and shattered the 400,000 barrier as well, peaking at 412,556 players on Steam. As usual, this mark doesnt include the player base on any other platforms, including all consoles where Apex is available and EAs own PC platform, Origen. Its feasible that, at the launch of season 13, the total number of concurrent players across all platforms might have eclipsed 1 million.

Whatever the real total number of players in Apex on May 10 was, Respawn and EA will surely be pleased to see their battle royale cash cow continue to grow. On an earnings call on May 10, EA reported that Apex has surpassed $2 billion in total earnings over the course of its existence, and the company expects the game and its offshoots to eventually earn $1 billion per year.

If the player base continues to grow like it currently is, it shouldnt be too difficult for the game to hit that mark.

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