Apex Legends season 15 teaser all but confirms Boreas map

The leaked map may finally see the light of day.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has released its first teaser for the game’s upcoming season 15and it appears to confirm something many fans already knew.

Respawn posted an image on the official Apex Twitter account that appears to show two legends hard at work. Based on the accessories in the image, the two characters in question are Octane and Seer. Spread in between their snacks and tools is a map that appears to be of Boreas, Seer’s home planet. It seems as though the two are making plans for Boreas’ inclusion in the Apex Games. The tweet was accompanied by the text, “Hard work gets things done.”

On the map are several notes, including an arrow with a comment that says “Octane’s town takeover: Parte Dos!!!” with arrows pointing to a cutout image of Gauntlet, Octane’s existing town takeover on Kings Canyon. Underneath the map is a script for what Octane and Seer would presumably say while pitching the location to Silva, Octane’s father.

Players have suspected that Boreas would be the game’s next battle royale map for several months now. Leaks have shown POIs in development and revealed its supposed name: Divided Moon. Respawn itself has put out other teasers pointing toward an expansion of Seer’s lore via the map, including a short video prior to the launch of season 14 that shows the legend dealing with a disastrous interview about the state of Boreas.

The launch of season 15 isn’t very far away: Since Apex‘s seasons are roughly three months long and season 14 began in August, we will likely see the new season right around the end of this year’s Fight or Fright event. If Boreas truly is arriving as the game’s next battle royale map, fans won’t have long to wait.

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