Apex Legends quenches thirst with highly anticipated swimsuit-themed event

Get ready for the Sun Squad collection event.

Summers just around the corner, and Apex Legends is giving players a way to cool off.

Respawn Entertainment unveiled the battle royales next collection event today. The summer-themed Sun Squad event kicks off next week, and its all about finding ways to beat the heat. From swimsuit skins to a new sizzling game mode, Apex fans can celebrate the summer season in style when the event hits the live servers on March 28.

While the event is live, a total of 24 cosmetic items will be available for purchase using either Crafting Metals or Apex Coins. The collection includes swimsuit attire for Loba and Seer, as well as similar beach-themed looks for Gibraltar, Fuse, Mirage, Horizon, and Ashe. Like in previous events, if players unlock all 24 items, theyll automatically obtain an Heirloom weapon. This time, the Heirloom is for Ashe, a nunchuck with retractable daggers at both ends. If youre not looking to break out your wallet, though, there will be a free reward track featuring several items players can unlock by simply playing the game.

The event will also add the Heatwave game mode into the rotation. This new game mode damages any players who are outside of buildings or heat shields. Players will be able to slide or wear sunglasses to reduce temperature and lower damage taken. Sunglasses will be available in care packages for players to equip.

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The Sun Squad collection event will end on April 11, giving players just two weeks to try out the new game mode and unlock all the skins they can before the beach party comes to an end.  

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