Apex Legends players take matchmaking into their own hands to combat toxic teammates

It might take some work in the beginning, but it'll all pay off.

Struggling to climb in Apex Legends’ ranked mode? One player has a solution: find your teammates before you enter a match.

Reddit user fairlyhurtfoyer posted a comprehensive argument for and guide to finding players with similar skill levels and playstyles on the Apex subreddit. In the treatise, fairlyhurtfoyer explains that most Apex players take issue with the game’s matchmaking and have a difficult time finding suitable teammates when playing solo, leading to frustrating matches and potential toxicity.

To rectify this, they believe players of all skill levels should use LFG services like subreddits, Discord servers, and other websites to find suitable teammates. Doing so will ensure you have a team that communicates well, has the same objectives, and is on the same page about strategy. This is particularly true of players who team up in Apex’s ranked mode, which can be incredibly difficult to take on solo. “You can’t control your enemies, but you can (and should!) choose who you play with,” fairlyhurtfoyer said.

While their suggestions are generally applicable to players who are actively looking to improve and grind ranked, some commenters were concerned that they may not work for casual players. “Having to search for people just to enjoy casual games anytime you hop on is not the answer, in fact this is exactly what makes pubs less enjoyable for the majority,” said one player, citing the frequency of coordinated trios in unranked play. “You forgot the part where like 70% of the time those LFG[s] never work out,” said another, expressing frustration at the difficulty of coordinating with people you’ve never played with.

Matchmaking, and skill-based matchmaking in particular, are frequent topics of concern and discussion in the Apex community. Apex technical director Samy Duc shared in November that changes are coming soon to the game’s matchmaking system, but developer Respawn Entertainment has not yet revealed any additional details about what’s to come.

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