Apex Legends players should prepare for April Fools’ Day shenanigans tomorrow

Something adorable is coming.

You drop in for a game or two of Apex Legends. You’re no coward, so you fly directly for Autumn Estates, or Terraformer, or Barometer. As is customary, you ignore the P2020 and Mozambique you see first before finally finding an R-301, turning around full of confidence, and immediately being attacked by a swarm of plush Nessies.

What just happened? April Fools’ Day in Apex just happened, friend, and you better prepare yourself for the shenanigans that are waiting for you.

April Fools’ Day has become an annual tradition in Apex for the devs to mess with players. This usually takes the form of some of the worst weapons in the game becoming some of the best, silliest, most broken weapons you can pick up. Last year’s April Fools’ managed to accomplish all three by spawning golden Mozambiques and P2020s that fired Nessies that seek out opponents and attacked them instead of bullets. It’s like if Pokémon was less of a “friendship through competition” thing and more of an adorable blood sport.

As season 16 has seen a significant increase in Apex‘s player population and it stands to reason that plenty of people playing the game tomorrow have never experienced an April Fools’ Day in the game before, let this be your warning: pubs will be tremendously silly tomorrow. It’s best to not take things too seriously.

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If the leakers and data miners are correct (and when it comes to this game, they usually are), there’s even more Mozambique mischief in store for tomorrow. Some of the game’s files have indicated that the gun will receive different forms for April Fools’ that take different ammo types, and will probably perform differently depending on which type of ammo you’re using.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what each one of these will do, but we’re praying that the Mozamblam will let you slap a sniper scope on the Mozambique model.

The April Fools’ Day fun most likely won’t be officially announced or detailed by Respawn, so players will have to discover what exactly the devs have in store for them by logging on and playing themselves tomorrow. Just don’t be surprised if you get taken out by an automatic MozamKraberor a swarm of plushie toys.

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