Apex Legends players have completely forgotten the game’s most influential character

Players were brimming with hope, but he's nowhere to be seen.

2023 is bringing a lot of highly-awaited features for Apex Legends with the new season, which is introducing a new game mode and tons of balance changes that remind players of the old meta.

But some others are still missinglike Blisk, a character many fans of Titanfall hoped to see join the Apex games one day.

In a recent Reddit thread, a user asked who was one of the characters shown in a loading screen. In that image, every character shown is playable except a white-haired one, which is identified as Blisk by top-voted users.

In the thread’s comments, players complained about how Blisk disappeared from all content after a few teasers. The character is famous in the Titanfall community because he was the main antagonist of Titanfall 2, as well as the owner and creator of the Apex games.

He was shown in both Valkyrie’s and Rampart’s trailers, as he was the one who invited both characters to the Apex games. As such, Blisk stands at the center of the game’s lore, and it wouldn’t be out of place to see him in the Legends roster one day.

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Apex players are losing hope to see him join the game, however. He was first found as a possible Legend in the game’s data back in 2019.

Rumors intensified when he was featured in official trailers, but the developer never mentioned him becoming a playable character.

While Blisk would be immensely popular if he joined the game, it wouldn’t make sense in the lore to see the owner become a participant.

That might be why the developer has yet to reveal any plan of adding him to the roster. He might reappear in the game’s lore through further trailers and game modes, however.

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