Apex Legends players can get an exclusive fall-themed skin for Catalyst with new Prime Gaming reward

Celebrate all things autumn with this limited-time free bundle.

A fresh round of Prime Gaming rewards has just dropped for Apex Legends, and for the first month since season 15’s release, Catalyst’s Natural Essence bundle is available for players to grab.

With Catalyst’s only skin offerings thus far coming from a launch bundle, the battle pass, and her base options, this Prime Gaming bundle is a great opportunity for players to add a skin to their collection for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

Each month, Prime Gaming offers in-game rewards for a variety of titles, Apex Legends included. Everyone who has linked their EA account to their Amazon account with an active Prime subscription is able to collect these free rewards, each a permanent addition even if your Prime subscription expires. The bundles that Prime Gaming offers tend to include a legend skin, a banner frame for that legend, and a matching weapon skin.

Screengrab via Prime Gaming

The Natural Essence bundle for Catalyst this month includes a skin for Catalyst of the same name, the Autumn Winds banner frame, and the Gem Shredder skin for the Alternator submachine gun.

The bundle has a distinctly fall feel to it, complete with the auburn-colored leaves typical of the season wrapped around the edge of the Autumn Winds banner. The Natural Essence Catalyst skin features reworked textures that shift pieces of her armor to look wooden, while her ferrofluid backpack and the remainder of her outfit take on a vibrant, verdant aesthetic.

The Alternator skin is the most far removed from the wider bundle’s theme, with a purple paint job pockmarked by blue crystals spread throughout the weapon.

This Prime Gaming package will be available to pick up between Nov. 17 and Dec. 14, and any Apex player with Amazon Prime can get it for free. Just make sure that your EA account and your Prime Gaming account are linked before claiming it on the Prime Gaming website.

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