Apex Legends players beg Respawn to revert one confusing change following Sun Squad update

The change surprised players, as it wasn't listed in the official patch notes.

The new Apex Legends Sun Squad event kicked off on March 28, bringing new skins, challenges, and an event tracker. It also brought a few “quality-of-life” changes listed in the patch notes.

But some changes weren’t listed and came as a surprise for fans. One of them has already become controversial, as players are begging the developer to revert it: it’s the addition of a “Remove” shortkey alongside the “Transfer” one when getting rid of a weapon attachment.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment | Eva Martinello

Before the update, players would drop attachments on the ground with a right click, or by dragging them toward either one of the “Ground” columns on the screen’s sides. If they wanted to transfer an attachment to another weapon, they would have to drag it on the other instead of clicking on it.

But now, attachments no longer fall on the ground when right-clicking. They’re added to the player’s inventory instead, and they’ll have to right-click on them again to get rid of them.

It lengthens the looting process, as there aren’t many cases where players will want to store useless attachments for later since all slots in the inventory are so valuable especially in early stages, where players won’t usually get over than a blue bag to store items in their inventory.

Players have been complaining about this uncalled change that was quietly added to the game without being mentioned in the notes or in previous announcements.

Fans have been playing with the Drop shortkey since the game’s release, and many don’t understand why the developer decided to make that change now.

“Beyond annoyed that this was changed. Why. Who benefits from this?” wrote a user in a Reddit thread that’s still gaining traction. “Why would they switch default binds this late in the lifecycle, its just dumb,” read another. Other threads have appeared in the subreddit where players are so confused they’re wondering whether the shortkey change is a bug.

It’s still unclear if Respawn Entertainment will consider reverting the quality-of-life change since the patch was recently implemented on live servers.

Meanwhile, Apex fans can discover the new content added with the Sun Squad Collection Event until April 11.

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