Apex Legends players agree which Sling weapons are best for Ballistic’s ultimate

Players are experimenting with the retired gunslinger.

Apex Legends‘ new character Ballistic released on May 9, enhancing weapons for the whole party. Players are discovering him for the first time and have already agreed on which weapons are best in his Sling emplacement.

On May 9, a player shared a tip on Reddit explaining Ballistic’s Sentinel weapon is instantly charged when he uses his Ultimate and it’s equipped on the Sling emplacement.

Players agreed this was a strong weapon for his Tempest ability, alongside other weapons that required several attachments to be efficientone in particular.

“The devotion is ridiculous in his sling when you ult. With the increased reload speed its so so good,” one player said.

In addition to giving infinite ammo to nearby allies and himself, Ballistic’s Sling weapon is equipped and upgraded to gold. It also gains faster reload time and unarmed movement speed.

This is especially valuable to weapons that require attachments to be truly efficient. The Devotion is a natural choice as a Sling weapon for Ballistic since its strength also lies in its impressive fire rate, which also burns enormous amounts of ammo.

Ballistic joined the Apex roster alongside season 17 on May 9. The season brought many other changes, including a new POI for World’s Edge, a new progression system with weapon mastery, a reworked ranked system, and more.

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To learn more about Ballistic, players can complete the Prologue event by collecting Treasure Packs in Apex games. An Epic skin for Mastiff, battle pass stars, and a rare Apex pack are all up for grabs.

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