Apex Legends players agree this is the best weapon for season 17

The meta shifts once again.

Apex Legends‘ Season 17 brought balance changes to many weapons on May 9, and players have agreed it rose one of them above all others in the meta.

In a May 11 Reddit thread, players discussed the L-STAR, which has joined Care Packages and left floor loot with the latest season.

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It was heavily buffed as a result, with a 60 percent damage increase against shields and improved recoil pattern.

Those buffs might not seem to be that impactful, but fans agree it made it the best weapon in the entire game. A video shared on the thread showed how powerful it had become, especially at midrange.

Despite enemies making terrible decisions in that last fight, we can see that the weapon is impressively steady at midrange and has become way more reliable.

“I saw a care package with everything taken but the L star. Cherishing these early days when people dont realize the true power of the thing,” wrote the top-voted comment. “Its prob the best weapon in the game atm,” wrote another.

As the season launched very recently, Apex players are still figuring out how to play Ballistic and navigate in the latest meta. There’s no doubt the L-STAR is going to become a highly-sought weapon in Care Packages one everyone realizes how good it’s become.

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