Apex Legends player shows the simplest strategies can be the best with this heat shield trick

The enemy got schooled.

In Apex Legends, players keep discovering new tips and tricks to win more matches. But sometimes, the oldest and simplest ones can be the most efficient, too, as a player showed on April 26 with a heat shield use.

A player shared a play on a Reddit thread earlier where he successfully baited an opponent in the end of the game, simply using a heat shield.

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While standing comfortably on high ground at the most crucial part of his game, the Vantage player led the mouse out of its burrow by launching a heat shield into an open area, yet hidden from the opponent who was hiding behind a small corner.

After throwing the heat shield away, the player patiently waited for the opponent to leave his corner while aiming at him. It took roughly 10 seconds for them to take the bait and approach the heat shield, giving the perfect opportunity to Vantage.

Players showed amusement in the video’s comments, also surprised on how successful this tactic proved to be. A player even suggested the bait would be even more convincing by sending a dummy Mirage under the heat shield to trigger the opponents.

The fun of Apex Legends is in large part due to the characters’ abilities. They allow for these kind of unexpected or amusing plays in all levels, as will Ballistic, the next Legend to join the Apex Games alongside season 17 on May 9. But sometimes, you don’t even need an ability to outplay your opponent.

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