Apex Legends player shows off Wattson fence tech to easily win fights

Shock your opponents.

When you think of characters that can win one-vs-two or one-vs-three fights in Apex Legends, it’s usually characters like Horizon, Wraith, or Bloodhound, legends with interesting movement abilities and tools at their disposal to help level the playing field against multiple enemies.

Wattson isn’t one of those characters. She’s a defensive specialist who likes to hunker down and hold positions, and none of her abilities seem to have much application to help out in many fights unless an enemy walks right into a bunker. But one Wattson player is here to remind you that sometimes you can bring the bunker to the enemy team.

Reddit user Archangel_Amin was left solo as Wattson in a game on World’s Edge when they realized that an enemy team was using a Valkyrie ultimate to fly down immediately on top of them. The enemies, most likely seeing the Wattson all by herself, thought that landing on them would be an easy kill for the team to pick up together. Archangel_Amin had other ideas.

Running toward one of the snake-like buildings that stretch out from Harvester, Archangel_Amin places a fence node on the ground before going into the door. Closing the door while the enemy team landed, trying to get in, they then place another fence node inside the door to complete the fence, destroying the door and instantly stunning the duo that thought they were landing on a helpless Wattson. Instead, they were easy pickings for Archangel_Amin’s R-99 and Prowler sprays, deleting the enemies in the blink of an eye.

It’s been known for a while that Wattson can create a fence through a door, although it’s still not commonly seen because the application of the tech is pretty niche. Wattson players need to have the presence of mind to place a node on the opposite side of the door from where they’re playing first before placing the other node on their side of it.

But if you get the trick right, it can be a nasty surprise for enemies who weren’t expecting such shenanigans. It’s a tech that’s best used when you’re holding a door with an enemy directly on the other side of it, trying to get in. Placing the other fence node down and quickly backing away so it won’t deactivate due to Wattson’s presence in the fence range will give her a near-instant stun on the enemy.

And let this be a lesson to players who think a lonely Wattson is easy pickings. She’s still got a few tricks up her sleeve, and all of them can be shocking.

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