Apex Legends player saves themself with unbelievable Pathfinder grapple skill 

"I accept the challenge!"

Pathfinder is an incredibly popular Apex Legends character, and his grappling hook ability results in many exciting plays. A video shared by one player showed one of those situations only Pathfinder could get himself intoand out of.

In a recent video shared to Reddit, SatisfactionLow959 showed a clip on Olympus where they made a very unlucky landing. They got themselves stuck on a roof and had to glide down, ending up in a hole between two platforms.

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The situation looked dire, but the player didn’t give up. They immediately tried to jump for their lives and climb up the wall. Pathfinder ended up fighting for his life for over 20 seconds, after a first grapple and Ultimate set up that failed. Fortunately, they could buy themself enough time to get their grapple once again and get back into the map.

The video stirred many reactions from players, from amazement to stress. “That had me stressed out, nice job stalling for grapple again,” wrote one of the thread’s top-voted comments.”In other news: local robot denies gravity and declines death,” read another.

Pathfinder’s grapple is a key element to his movement. It can be used for pushing a team, fleeing a bad encounter, or saving himself from a dire situation like this one.

Although the video’s creator was on the brink of dying, he showed how strong his kit can beone of the reasons for his longstanding popularity in Apex Legends since the game released in 2019.

Pathfinder mains will be able to get a new skin of their favorite Legend starting tomorrow, April 25 with the release of the Veiled Collection event. It’ll last until May 9, when it’ll make way for the upcoming season with Ballistic as the next character in line to join the game’s roster.

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