Apex Legends player perfectly shows how valuable you can be when knocked down

Don't underestimate your power when you're still alive.

Apex Legends is a battle royale that features a lot of unique mechanics, and the strategy surrounding knockdown and death is one of them.

When players lose all their HP, they enter a knocked-down state where their gameplay possibilities are very limitedsometimes, however, it can still make the difference in a fight.

A player shared a clip on Reddit yesterday showing how important giving it all even in that limited state can turn the tide in your favor. The clip features the most intense moment of the match, with only two squads remaining.

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The player was playing Octane and was knocked down by the enemy Lifeline and fell on the ground while the zone was shrinking.

Rather than giving up, however, they crawled to the doorstep and successfully blocked the path, as Lifeline struggled to step through the door and escape zone damage. This move granted their team the victory, with the zone dealing lethal damage to the opponent.

This is certainly one of the worst ways to lose a game, and it can serve as a reminder of how important it is to still try even when you have no chance of being revived by your teammates.

The possibilities players get when downed or dead is one of Apex‘s main strong points. Even after death, players can get resurrected when allies pick up their banner and give it to special beacons.

With the introduction of season 16, Respawn Entertainment has brought these mechanics to the next level. Support legendsLifeline, Loba, Newcastle, and Gibraltarnow have a new passive that allows them to craft teammate banners at Replicators even after they timed out.

Players can enjoy the new content introduced with the latest season last month while preparing for the next Collection event, Imperial Guard, that’s going to be stacked.

The event will kick off on March 7 and will last two weeks, offering exclusive skins with discounted Craft Metal costs and a new game mode playlist.

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