Apex Legends player creates Twitch extension for viewers to see live ranked leaderboard

Get a complete view of the current Apex Predators.

Apex Legends makes no bones about being a game where players strive to be the best. That is, essentially, the whole point of creating the Apex Predator tier in the games ranked system. Instead of a set point threshold for players to reach, only the games top 750 players around the world are Apex Predators, and competition for the top spot on the Predator list every season is fierce.

Theres just one glaring problem with the system in the game: theres no way to check the current list of Predators in the game itself. In fact, if players want to see how far away they are from the top spot on the leaderboard, or how much RP theyll need to gain if they want to break into the Predator rank, they have to use third-party sites to do so.

One Apex fan seeks to change that, though, by creating a Twitch extension that can allow viewers to see exactly what the Predator list looks like in real-time.

Reddit user bryes created the extension, which is available to download and activate on Twitch. When a streamer has the extension downloaded and activated, their viewers can scroll through the full list of Apex Predators, seeing their names, ranks, the amount of RP they have, and even if the player is currently playing in a game or not. Theres also an Active Matches tab that allows viewers to see if Predators are currently in a ranked match. If multiple Predators are in the same ranked match, theyll be grouped together in the Active Matches tab.

Its not a perfect replacement for having an in-game screen where players can check out the list of the top players in the world, considering individual streamers need to activate the extension on their own streams for viewers to use the function. But it does a great job of taking information from a third-party website (in this case, Apex Legends Status) and making it easily accessible to people just trying to watch a stream and cheer on their favorite players.

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