Apex Legends player creates loot density map revealing Broken Moon’s best drop spots

Like getting lots of loot? Try dropping here.

It can be difficult to learn a new map in Apex Legends. For one thing, the battle royale maps are massive, with a seemingly endless amount of nooks and crannies to study and learn in case fights take place there. Knowing a map and the routes around it is vital to being able to rotate around it efficiently, as well as knowing what areas are more susceptible to teams clustering together and massive strings of third parties taking place.

Of course, theres also value in just knowing the POIs around a new map and which ones you should be looking to drop toward. Luckily, one Apex player has made a complete map of Broken Moon, season 15s battle royale map, and the loot density you can find at various points of the map.

Reddit user AwkwardShakes map is extensive, as is the interactive tool that goes along with it. But just at a glance, players can find the most loot-rich areas in the game and judge where they should be landing accordingly.

Notably, if youre one of the teams that just cant get enough of hot-dropping at Terraformer, youve got good reason. Its easily one of the densest areas on the map in terms of loot, with the central part of the POI holding 85 loot bins or ground loot areas, while there are more loot areas immediately surrounding the center on all sides. If you see more than a few teams all making for the middle, try to claim bigger stretches of the outer edge of the POI before making your way inwards to third party the fights inevitably happening in the middle.

One surprising star of the show is Dry Gulch, the POI on the western edge of the map. Its central building is actually the most loot-dense grid on AwkwardShakes map, with 98 different loot bins and ground loot spawn points. If youre looking for a drop spot that might not be as popular but still comes with plenty of loot, try landing there for a few games. You should roll into your first fight fully kitted.

There are also loot-rich areas at Atmostation and Backup Atmo, while many of the other named POIs are nothing to sneeze at, either. Ultimately, AwkwardShakes analysis confirms that Broken Moon has some of the most loot of any map in Apex, making sure that all players are ready for a fight almost as soon as they land.

You can play around with the interactive map for yourself if you want to study what POIs you should be landing at. Or, you can just drop in and test it out for yourself. Season 15 of Apex is live on all platforms now.

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