Apex Legends not working? Respawn promises fix for faulty season 17 as players can’t launch game

A fix is in the works.

The next major update arrived in Apex Legends today for season 17. But as players flocked to the servers en masse, they quickly ran head first into a couple of road blocks that prevented them from playing the game.

When attempting to load into the new-and-improved Firing Range, players were met with an error code, while others saw their game crash completely. There was a problem processing game logic. Please try again, the error dialogue reads. The issue seemed to be affecting multiple platforms, according to player reports.

Luckily for fans, though, Respawn Entertainment already has a fix in the works, and the developer expects the issues to be fixed soon after the patch hit live servers, according to a May 9 tweet.

An issue is currently limiting [Apex] players to the Firing Range as soon as they update their games for Arsenal, Respawn wrote. We expect a fix within the hour.

When season 17 is (actually) playable, players will gain access to the new Firing Range, Assault legend Ballistic, a revamped Worlds Edge, weapon mastery, and a fresh ranked system. Players can read about all the changes thatve arrived in the battle royale with the seasons patch notes.

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In the meantime, keep an eye on Apex and Respawns social media pages for more updates on the incoming fix.

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