Apex Legends’ next Prestige skin is reportedly for Caustic, and it sounds badass

He looks way better than he smells.

The cosmetic endgame in Apex Legends will be getting a new addition soon, according to a new report.

The news comes from YouTuber ThordanSmash, via InsiderGaming, who posted a video and article revealing who will become the fourth legend to have their own upgradeable Prestige skin in the game. And it’s none other than the gassy king himself.

Caustic is next in line for a Prestige skin, according to ThordanSmash’s sources within Respawn Entertainment. The leak features a very basic model of the skin, but it has since been recreated by a 3D artist because the file in the leak would reveal the source.

The recreation of the skin, however, is badass and can be seen in the video above. Like other Prestige skins, it’s upgradeable over time as players deal damage with the legend, so it becomes even cooler.

According to ThordanSmash, the final tier of the Prestige skin unlocks after dealing 100,000 damage with Caustic and “features a full face guard with horns that protrude from the top of the mask, shoulder guards with spikes, and a bulkier suit with a glowing blue face mask.”

ThordanSmash says Wraith’s Heirloom recolor will be collectible during an event beginning on March 7, and Caustic’s Prestige skin will be coming as a Collection Event reward in one of the next two events scheduled throughout the year.

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