Apex Legends Mobile launches in May with 10 legends and classic maps

There will also be mobile-exclusive game modes at some point, though it's unclear if they will be there at launch.

Apex Legends Mobile will release worldwide in May, bringing another way for fans to experience the Apex universe. The game will also launch with 10 legends and classic maps in the franchise. Though Respawn Entertainment hasn’t given an exact release date, fans of the franchise can expect more news in the coming weeks.

Apex Legends Mobile will launch with 10 legends fresh out the gate, according to mobile design director Jordan Patz. The official launch trailer showed a glimpse of the character select screen and revealed nine members of the cast: the original eight and Octane.

Two maps will be available when players dive into the Apex Games on mobile. Matches will take place on classic versions of both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, and Patz promised “some twists to excite old-school fans.”

Though players can expect battle royale and ranked as modes, Patz also teased “mobile-exclusive game modes” and “new ways to play with your friends” and “explore the world of Apex Legends.” Based on the launch trailer, this will include Team Deathmatch.

Apex Legends Mobile is being built “from the ground up with mobile-first optimizations and mobile-exclusive content,” according to Patz. The game’s official page also mentions it will have “new legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progressions, and live events,” making for a similar experience to Apex. Players can even expect some key mechanics like sliding to play a role in the mobile version.

Though there isn’t much information available for Apex Legends Mobile, fans should expect more news in the coming weeks with its launch quickly approaching.

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