Apex Legends leaks show the wait for new weapons might be near its end

Some big changes could be coming to the game following a slow year.

While Apex Legends players are enjoying the Holiday season-themed event, a new leak posted by Thordan on Dec. 19 has hinted that big changes are planned to be introduced to the game.

One of these features could be the release of “dual-wielding pistols” alongside the next map. It adds to a previous weapon leak last year, which has yet to be released to this day.

The game hasn’t seen a new weapon for a year now, the last one being the C.A.R. SMG. It was introduced alongside season 11 in November 2021, which also added the legend Ash and the Storm Point map.

It marked a complete change of pace at the time since a new weapon was released almost every new season beforehand.

The wait for a new weapon might finally be nearing its end based on this new leak. A new kind of weapon would be introduced alongside the game’s next map, which is planned to release “next year,” according to Thordan.

This patch would target Titanfall fans, introducing a map from the license, as well as wall running, and “dual-wielding pistols.”

Other features leaked include new arcade modes, the removal of Arenas game mode, a Storm Point update, a new legend, and more. Everything listed should be taken with a pinch of salt, however. They are leaks after all and the developers have yet to confirm any of this information.

The devs haven’t revealed anything about a new weapon coming to the game, nor confirmed the Nemesis leaked. It was revealed as am assault rifle with a burst fire mode nn development.

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