Apex Legends jumpmasters want Respawn to help them get rid of their teammates

Just in time for the season of giving.

Apex Legends is a team game. At least, it is when you’re not competing with your teammates for loot.

That seems to be the concern at the heart of one of the latest complaints the Apex community currently has with the game. Grabbing loot quickly off of a drop is very important in the early game, with teams typically dropping close to one another for a fast fight in most games. That looting problem is exacerbated when teammates all drop close together, leading to loot goblins snatching all of those weapons and other items you were eyeing from the sky.

Of course, players can always split off from their team and drop somewhere else. But a healthy portion of players over on the Apex subreddit want to have their cake and eat it too, it seems.

So, just to keep score: Apex players want to be the jumpmaster because they want to decide where their team is going. But they also don’t want to land close to their teammates. So they want Respawn to institute a function so you can force your teammates off of you as the jumpmaster, successfully landing in your own placewith your teammates somewhat close by, just not very close by.

It’s a change that seems incredibly unlikely to happen, especially since people that desperately want this function can solve their own problem by just giving up the jumpmaster to someone else, finding friends to play the game with, or selecting the No Fill option to queue up for games solo and not worry about teammates at all. But it’s probably better to ask for a new game function like this than to intentionally fly your teammates off the map.

Apologies if you’re one of the people campaigning for this change, but it just doesn’t seem like it will be one that Respawn puts into the works this holiday season. If the developers are adamant for so long about not bringing the Solos LTM back because they like team-based gameplay, they’re probably not going to give jumpmasters the option to forcibly eject their squad.

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