Apex Legends introduces Gaiden event, complete with anime-themed skins

Let's get animated.

After a slow first half of season 13, the content doesnt stop in Apex Legends. The game announced the Gaiden event today, set to begin on July 19. And it packs an anime-style punch.

Thats right, the cosmetics on offer for the Gaiden event are all based on popular animes. From One Piece to Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion, animes of all genres and time periods are represented in the event, which also has multiple free prize trackers from which players can unlock rewards by completing challenges in-game, if they dont want to spend any money.

These cosmetics can be unlocked with Event Packs or crafted with crafting metals, but they will also become available in the standard Apex Pack loot pool after the event is over, keeping the trend of the last few thematic events.

Also included in the Gaiden event is the games second Prestige skin, Apex Commander for Bangalore. Just like the Bloodhound Prestige skin before it, Apex Commander has three stages, which players can level up by playing with the skin on and completing challenges, as well as a finisher unique to the skin in its fully leveled-up state. The finisher features an extremely cool fire blade that emerges from Bangalores gauntlet and the fully-leveled version of the skin also gives Bangalore a face mask for the first time.

In addition to all the cosmetics on offer, players will be happy to know that the event includes a limited-time mode, with Armed and Dangerous making a return to the game for the first time in several seasons. The popular shotguns-and-snipers mode will be available on all three maps currently in rotation in the Play Apex mode, allowing players to take fights at as long or short range as they possibly could want.

Get ready to get animated and drop into the Gaiden event on July 19. The event will run for two weeks, ending on Aug. 2.

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