Apex Legends’ Imperial Guard event now live with new Mixtape playlist and Wraith Heirloom

Gear up and frag out.

The Imperial Guard collection event is now live for all Apex Legends players to dive into. The event brings with it a host of new skins, some returning skins that have been reimagined for the event, and the heavily-anticipated update to Wraith’s Kunai Heirloom, Hope’s Dawn.

There are plenty of ways for players to spend money during this event, but it will also be fruitful for those who want to stay frugal and not drop a load of cash. The event comes with the customary free prize tracker, from which players can unlock holosprays, weapon charms, and a couple of event packs to get in on some of the special event skins just by playing the game and completing daily challenges.

And then, of course, there’s Mixtape.

Born from a long-standing community request for a more permanent home for LTMs and the developers’ wish for a more casual Apex experience than Arenas once provided, Mixtape is a new permanent playlist that will house multiple popular LTMs. Players will be able to access the Mixtape playlist even after the event ends and can enjoy modes like Team Deathmatch, Control, and Gun Run whenever they feel like it.

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In addition to the Mixtape playlist and the cosmetics players can earn either for free or by purchasing, a new Heirloom awaits: Hope’s Dawn, the re-skinned and re-animated Wraith Kunai available for players who unlock all of the event skins during Imperial Guard. While some have criticized Respawn for the recolored Heirloom and recolored skins that appear in this event, the financial blow for players who want these items is softened even further by the developers reducing the normal cost to craft event items with Crafting Metals by 50 percent, which should make the event offerings much more palatable for players.

The Imperial Guard collection event will run until March 21. Players will have until then to unlock all the cosmetics they wish to before these event skins disappear.

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