Apex Legends Imperial Guard event aims to guard players’ wallets with less expensive skins

Hope you saved your Crafting Metals.

The next event of the Apex Legends Revelry season is almost here already after the team at Respawn announced the Imperial Guard collection event today. Beginning next Tuesday, March 7, players will have the opportunity to buy new skins, participate in a new game mode playlist, and unlock an Heirloom that’s new-ish.

The event takes on an ancient warrior theme, bringing forward new Legendary skins and breathing new life into some older models with recolors that look to be a cut above some of the recent recolored event skin offerings. Many of the “recolors” also appear to have new designs and even new textures added to them, taking an extra step beyond many of the game’s recolors that simply do swap out color for color on a character model. And for those players who unlock all of the skins, Hope’s Dawn awaits. The recolored Wraith Heirloom also comes packed with new animations and textures.

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Amidst all of these cosmetics, however, is a little surprise for players: it should be cheaper than ever to access all of these new skins thanks to a reduction in the price of Crafting Metals.

According to Respawn’s blog post about the event, the anniversary festivities will continue by means of a 50 percent reduction in Crafting Metals’ price to craft event items. This means that Legendaries that would have cost players 2,400 Crafting Metals to unlock will now be 1,200, the standard cost of the game’s base Legendaries. In addition, there are also event packs that players can unlock for free on the event’s prize tracker simply by playing the game and completing daily challenges.

All of these changes should make it a little easier and less expensive to unlock new skins and Hope’s Dawn, if players so choose. And to give players plenty of options to complete some of those challenges, players will have access to the new permanent Mixtape playlist, where they can enjoy popular LTMs like Control, Gun Run, and Team Deathmatch from now on.

There’s plenty for players to dig into when the Imperial Guard event launches on March 7. The event will run for two weeks, concluding on March 21.

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