Apex Legends hits $2 billion in earnings with continued growth

Apex continues to put up big numbers three years after release.

Electronic Arts has reported strong results in the fourth quarter of 2022s fiscal year, led by live service juggernauts like Apex Legends and FIFA.

On the fourth quarter earnings call, Chris Suh, who is EAs CFO, reported to investors Apex continues to deliver mind-boggling gains for the company. Suh confirmed the game has now passed the $2 billion mark in total earnings, meaning the game has made about $2 billion in three years.

The game continues to grow at an alarming rate for a title thats been out for three years. In the last fiscal year, Suh reported Apex revenue had increased by 40% compared to the year before and that season 12 was the games most successful ever. Executives expect the franchise will eventually make a billion dollars a year.

While EA CEO Andrew Wilson reported on previous calls that seasons nine and 10 had both broken records for the most active players in the game, investors had to make due with a more nebulous measure of success for the games most recent season.

Still, EA bigwigs are bullish on the future of the game, and counting on the release of the mobile version of Apex Legends later this month to deliver a further increase of revenue to both the franchise and the company in the next fiscal year.

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