Apex Legends Global Series player shows off the ultimate hiding spot on World’s Edge

Always check for rats.

Ratting is an essential part of Apex Legends. Sometimes, a fight doesnt go your way, and the smartest play is just to cut your losses and go hide somewhere. It might not be the most fun or interesting strategy to go with, but in ranked or competitive play, ratting can earn you and your team valuable points just by virtue of letting other teams fight things out and eliminate each other while you get a better placement.

While many of the best hiding spots on some of the games older maps like Worlds Edge are well-established, there always seems to be one or two new spots that pop up and surprise people. That was the case today when Pioneers player Max-Strafe looked like he was heading for a swift end, only to find a lifeline in the form of a lamp.

After being respawned by his squad with round five ending and the circle closing, other teams quickly eliminated the Pioneers members on the ground in the open. Playing Valkyrie, Max-Strafe attempted to delay the inevitable, using the VTOL Jets passive to stay high above the fray and hopefully out of sight.

It didnt look like things were going to go well for him until he spotted a lamp, perched himself on it, and quickly realized that despite being far above most of the normal terrain around him, this bit of map geometry was not considered out of bounds, and as such didnt trigger the out of bounds timer that would lead to his elimination. Thinking quickly and with his teammates telling him he still wasnt in the circle, he realized the symmetrical building should have another lamp on the other side of it, ran around, and perched himself on the other one.

And there he sat. And sat. And eventually, he managed to take his team from a mediocre ninth-place finish all the way up to second place in the game. In terms of ALGS scoring, thats a massive difference for the team. Ninth place would award the team one point to add to their total over the course of six matches, while a second place gives them nine points. The result was good enough to put Pioneers in second place in their lobby after the match.

Let this serve as a reminder to you when you find yourself in need of a hiding spot. They never think to look up.

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