Apex Legends’ former narrative design director has left Respawn

He's not the only one who's left recently.

Mohammad Alavi, the former narrative design director for Apex Legends, has left developer Respawn.

As reported by Dexerto’s Alpha Intel, Alavi has been with the company for 11 years. He worked on both Titanfall and Apex. Prior to his departure, Alavi reportedly stopped working on Apex to work on a new single-player venture at Respawn but has now left the company entirely. He has not yet announced his next move or company.

In tweets on his own account, Alavi discussed how “surreal” his last day at Respawn felt. “I’ve had the fortune of working & learning from the most talented devs and helping create franchises I’m very proud of,” he said in a follow-up tweet. He reiterated that although he’s sad about leaving Respawn, he’s also “excited” about his next venture.

Alavi isn’t the only high-profile designer to leave Respawn in recent months. In December, Apex game director Chad Grenier and design director Jason McCord both left Respawn. While both expressed positivity about the future of Apex and assured fans that the game is in excellent hands, fans are understandably curious and confused about this recent spate of high-level departures. Underneath the Alpha Intel tweet, a common comment was “Another one?” referring to all the designers who have left so far.

Regardless of the high number of departures, Apex seems to be going strong. Today marks the start of the Dark Depths event and the beginning of season 12 is rapidly approaching. While the future of Apex is still uncertain, there’s no doubt that fans are excited for what will be revealed next.

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