Apex Legends fans lash out at Respawn for ‘cash grab’ stickers

The latest cosmetic coming to the Apex Games is causing some friction.

Apex Legends fans have been quick to voice their discontent over Stickers, a new type of cosmetic coming to the game in season 15.

A Reddit post made by user Hell_Derpikky that contains only a screengrab of Stickers and the title “I have one question, why?” has taken off. The question was presumably directed at Apex developer Respawn Entertainment’s reveal of the new cosmetic, which will be available during the upcoming season 15. Each Sticker is considered an epic-rarity item and can be applied to players’ healing items.

Based on the comments, it’s clear that players agree with Hell_Derpikky’s rhetorical question. “To fill the lootbox rewards with worthless garbage, why else?” responded one commenter, putting forward the idea that Respawn is padding the game’s Apex packs with extra items to make it harder for players to get what they really want. “If they were exclusive to Event Trackers and the free Battle Pass, I’d be all for it. I feel the same way towards weapon charms and holosprays. But to throw them in with the Apex Packs is a clear cash grab,” said another.

Inevitably, comparisons to Overwatch 2’s monetization system were brought up. “Harder to tell whose more greedy, them or Overwatch,” said a commenter, adding a laughing emoji at the end of their statement. Overwatch 2 has been under fire in the last few weeks for its grind-heavy battle pass, expensive skin prices, and the inability to earn some skins through normal gameplay.

Respawn has not shared additional details about Stickers outside of its initial announcement, but it remains to be seen just how frequently players will receive them in Apex packs and in events. Apex‘s 15th season begins on Nov. 1, so players won’t have to wait long to see what happens next.

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