Apex Legends fans are shipping Revenant and Ash thanks to the new season trailer

What a surprise.

A new Apex Legends trailer was released to celebrate the game’s four-year anniversary. In the unusual video, players can witness legends as they’ve never seen them before, casually playing Deathmatch and cooperating, and setting their differences aside.

There’s a lot to unpack from this video, but one specific scene didn’t go unnoticed. It shows Ash and Revenant playing a game with prop guns together in a carnival before they’re interrupted by Mad Maggie passing by.

Thanks to this short scene, players have already shipped Revenant and Ash. A player on Apex’s subreddit yesterday even edited a romantic video featuring the duo.

Fans have been begging for a Revenant and Ash ship since the characters were released, arguing their backgrounds are similar. Both were humans who were ripped apart by scientists and lost a part of their humanity to become Simulacrums.

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In the game, their interactions are largely confrontational. For example, when Revenant revives Ash, he says “Get up, you’re making murderbots look bad.” In the reverse situation, she roasts him, saying lines such as “your prime has passed.”

The characters obviously don’t get along, which is not surprising since they’re pretty much hostile to everyone. That said, they’re the only Sumlacrums in the game and they clearly have a connection of some sort.

Of course, both characters logically lost all sense of love and other human sentiments when they became Sumlacrums, so the ship isn’t cohesive with the lore. Still, this new trailer will almost certainly inspire artists and writers to get creative with the duo.

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