Apex Legends fan recreates Revenant’s heirloom with stunning accuracy

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The Apex Legends community has proven time and again that when it comes to cosplay and creating in-game items in real life, the game is up there with the best of the best. The level of detail that creators achieve through time-intensive work and ingenuity is always impressive.

Some of the items that are a bit harder to create in real life are the games heirlooms. While the early heirlooms in the game were fairly simple, and most of their special qualities were derived from animations and the sheer rarity of seeing them early on in the game, heirloom weapons as of late have featured complex designs and even more animations, making creating them accurately more difficult. But that didnt stop one Apex fan from recreating Revenants folding scythe in all its glory.

Reddit user FinalMirage put together the Dead Mans Curve, the latest in their collection of heirloom projects. FinalMirage said that this particular heirloom was 3D printed using resin, carbon fiber, and magnets to keep the scythe in place when its folded up. All told, the project took them nearly a full year to complete.

Revenants heirloom is a particularly daunting project compared to several other heirlooms, simply due to its sheer size. The Dead Mans Curve was the largest heirloom in the game before season 13 introduced Valkyries Suzaku. The scythe is as big as Revenant himself, a far cry from compact weapons like Wraiths kunai or Lifelines drumsticks. FinalMirage didnt shrink away from the size requirements, however, and made the massive scythe look like its just about true to its size in the game.

There are also the folding parts of the scythe, reminiscent of how the Dead Mans Curve can fold and subtly change its shape. It doesnt seem that the blade can magically become a slack chain of interlocking blades and then re-form itself into one solidified piece, but some things are probably only possible in video games.

This is an impressive feat in terms of accuracy and work, but its not without its silver linings. in addition to the praise heaped upon the Revenant creation, one commenter also noted that in all probability, making Revenants heirloom in real life is most likely cheaper than getting it in the game.

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