Apex Legends exploit creates massive wall of Arc Snares

It's really quite shocking.

Players are facing an Apex Legends exploit that sees Ash sending a huge wall of Arc Snares into their team.

As reported by Dexerto, a Reddit user shared a clip of their team hiding out on World’s Edge during a late-game ring. While they waited, an enemy Ash dropped down from the building she was standing in and landed right in front of the player’s team. She instantly sent a huge number of Arc Snares toward the player and their team, which immediately wiped them without giving them a chance to fight back.

Ash’s Arc Snare tactical normally sends a single projectile flying toward an enemy. When it lands, it attaches a tether to a single nearby enemy, trapping them in their current location and dealing 10 damage. Considering the small amount of damage per tether and the capacity of late-game shields, it would take an enormous amount of Arc Snares to instantly wipe a team.

Players are split on whether the exploit is a bug or a cheat. It’s not known how to activate or trigger it, but the Reddit user and their squad aren’t the only ones who have been destroyed because of it.

Cheaters have become quite the controversial topic in the Apex community as of late, with professional Apex player HisWattson actively encouraging players to cheat between 1am and 7am in the hopes of eliciting a response from Respawn.

As of this writing, Respawn has not commented publicly on the Arc Snare exploit or what many players claim is a growing wave of cheaters and hackers.

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