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Apex Legends’ Evolution event includes files for new Arenas map

When will we see this gorgeous new map in play?

A new Arenas map has been found in the files for Apex Legends’ Evolution collection event, according to well-known data miner Shrugtal.

Yesterday saw the release of Apex Patch 10.1 and Evolution, the game’s latest collection event, which brings big Rampart changes, a Rampart heirloom, and the Big Maude town takeover. In the wake of the event’s popularity, Respawn’s servers had trouble keeping up, with many people reportedly getting kicked out of games or being unable to connect altogether.

As soon as the event arrived, data miners were quick to check for any hidden information within the update’s files. We already know that a future gun, the Nemesis, was accidentally leaked in the Evolution trailer. It seems like there’s even more to come, though.

Data miner Shrugtal, who has a reputation for reliable information, shared a photo of an upcoming Arenas map. Titled Encore, it seems like this image is all that’s been shared so far.

The map appears to have a similar visual flair to the existing Arenas map Party Crasher. The map also includes some of Seer’s color themes, so it’s possible that it has something to do with him.

Respawn hasn’t acknowledged the image and Shrugtal didn’t provide a potential release date or any additional information about when it might be available for play. Arenas could definitely use some fresh maps, though.

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