Apex Legends drops new merch collection from artist Spear

The Apex Games have never looked so stylish.

Apex Legends has a new capsule collection of official merchandise in collaboration with Spear.

The merch line includes a bright yellow Nessie hoodie, jackets based around Crypto and Wattson, a Newcastle sweatshirt, and more. While everything is available to purchase today, most of the items are pre-orders and won’t ship until June or July.

This is the first official merchandise drop since the Apex store rebranded in February of this year. While the store launch was dramatic, its original merchandise was lacking, featuring somewhat disappointing logo-focused designs. The Spear collection brings quite a bit more color and life to the merch store.

Puerto Rican artist Mathew Morales, also known as Spear, has been a member of the Apex community since the game launched and has created themed art on his social accounts for a long time. In an interview with EA, he explained he wanted to design official Apex apparel ever since he created a hoodie concept based on Bloodhound’s Road Warrior skin and it took off on social media.

“It was the first time I actively translated an in-game cosmetic into a wearable piece of apparel, and the community loved it!” he told EA. “Since then, I have designed a multitude of unique apparel concepts with the intention of showing how much potential there is in gaming apparel.”

Spear also hopes he isn’t the only artist who gets to collaborate with the Apex merch team. “I’d like to remain hopeful that this collection will serve as a foundation for other community collaborations in the future,” he said in the same interview. If the collection does well, the hope is that Apex will continue to feature community artists in its merchandise space.

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