Apex Legends community frustrated by no new weapon addition for season 14

What matters more: balance, or more new weapons?

Apex Legends is a game that thrives on how often its updated. Each new season brings new events and cosmetics, with game modes, new maps, and more coming somewhat less frequently to the game. Theres also a new character that enters the game every season, keeping what could easily be a much staler game feeling fresh and new for so long.

Usually, that also includes a new weapon being added to the game. New weapons used to come every season, with a few exceptions. Before season 11, the game never went more than one gap season without receiving a new weapon, and seasons eight through 11 marked four consecutive seasons where a new weapon came to the game, the longest streak of new weapons in the games history.

According to a report by Dexerto, however, there isnt a new weapon coming in season 14. That means Apex will go three full seasons without receiving any new gun, and the earliest possible date that a new weapon might come to the game is the beginning of season 15, most likely in early November. Thats nearly one year since the CAR SMG was introduced to the game.

As you might expect, many Apex fans arent particularly happy about having to wait a full year for the next new weapon.

Our goal is not to just shove content in the game to checkbox a seasonal delivery list, our goal is to make the game the best it can possibly be, senior game designer Eric Canavese said. 

Despite another season with no new weapon in the game, there are plenty of weapon changes coming in season 14 that will shake up the games meta. From buffs to the EVA-8 shotgun, to ammo reclassifications to the Wingman and Spitfire, to the Volt and G7 Scout returning to ground loot, the game is sure to be played very differently next season compared to the last few months. And thats before you talk about Vantage, who technically does bring a new weapon to Apex in the form of her ultimate ability.

Balancing the games weapon meta while constantly adding new weapons is a tough balancing act, and its entirely possible that a new weapon was ready to go for season 14, but the Apex team decided to not bring it to the game in the midst of sweeping changes to several of the games existing guns. 

That wont stop players from complaining about not having something shiny and new to play with. A full year is a long time to wait for a new weapon, and its unprecedented in the lifespan of Apex. But it seems like this might be the new normal that players will need to adjust to with the game already having a crowded loot pool.

Season 14 of Apex goes live on Aug. 9.

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