Apex Legends coach PVPX leaves Cloud9, joins reigning champs DarkZero for ALGS season

A behind the scenes move with big potential.

In an unexpected move right at the beginning of the Apex Legends Global Series season, Cloud9 head coach Jamison PVPX Moore has left C9 to join the reigning ALGS champions, DarkZero. The move comes after both C9 and DarkZero already began their ALGS Pro League season last weekend.

PVPX leaves the squad that he helped earn a second-place finish in the 2021 ALGS Championship, and instead joins the Aussie squad thats newly relocated to North America. The reigning champions finished in fifth place in their first week in NA ALGS and look like theyre all-in on repeating as champions.

PVPX noted on his stream after the announcement that he was leaving an edge team and joining a zone team, which he said would be fun for him since he preferred to play zone when he was a player. Traditionally, edge teams in Apex prefer to stick toward the edges of the safe zones and work their way inward from there, often preferring to fight for spots and collect as many kills as possible as the ring gets smaller and smaller. Zone teams, on the other hand, attempt to predict where the endgame will be and pick the best possible place to play from in that zone. Theyre not guaranteed to fight as much as edge teams and, therefore, might not collect as many kills, but they often find themselves in a good position to collect placement points by finishing high in games or even winning individual matches.

While many teams in NA and around the world have adopted the edge strategy over the past year as a more aggressive meta has shifted into favor, DarkZero famously have stuck to their guns and attempted to play zone as much as possible. Thats paid dividends for them since they rode their style to LAN victories in both Stockholm at the Split Two Playoffs and Raleigh, North Carolina, at the ALGS Championship.

As DarkZero continually changes the calculus of how North American Apex will unfold this season, the addition of a coach with a proven track record like PVPX will only serve to catapult the Aussies further and further into the Apex stratosphere.

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