Apex Legends class overhauls might be closer than players expect, data mine suggests

This could fundamentally change how the game is played.

A new Apex Legends data mine has found some information in the game files that could support rumors of an overhaul to all of the game’s classes.

Apex content creator KralRindo posted an image today of a string of data that mentioned reworks to character role buttons and includes mention of the previously leaked Skirmisher class.

Last month, leakers began circulating information about an overhaul to classes, including changes to what the roles offer and which characters slot into the different roles. The Skirmisher class, for example, was described as “the ‘mobility’ or ‘hit and run’ type class” for legends “with movement” and “solo PvP power.”

Assault, Recon, and Support classes are said to be remaining in the game, but with some new characters in different classes, such as Gibraltar and Newcastle now being designated as Supports.

Depending on how substantial the changes are for each legend and class, the ramifications for the rumored overhauls could be tremendous, especially when it comes to ALGS and competitive play. And now that there’s reference to the changes in the game’s files, the overhaul could be coming sooner rather than later.

Season 16 of Apex is currently lining up to begin on or around Feb. 14.

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