Apex Legends bug lets players get extra loot from supply bins

No, this isn't about Lifeline's passive.

Apex Legends players have discovered a glitch that allows them to get multiple rounds of loot out of a single supply bin.

Apex coach Sven first showcased the bug on Twitter with a video of a loot box on Kings Canyon that appeared to continue giving loot. In the clip, Sven jumps on the loot box before opening the bin and taking everything out. A few seconds after it’s emptied, the bin closes on its own and lights up as though it hasn’t been opened yet. Sven drops all of his gear and jumps on the bin again before opening it a second time, prompting it to deliver more loot.

The bug was replicated by Apex content creator Skeptation, who discovered that it only works on supply bins that have a wall behind them. Players must take everything out of the bin very quickly and open it multiple times to receive additional loot, which sometimes includes entirely different guns and ammo. The supply bins don’t appear to refill completely upon opening repeatedly, but even being able to receive a few additional pieces of loot from a single bin is potentially game-breaking.

As reported by Dexerto, Respawn has not yet issued a statement since the bug was only discovered a few days ago. With the amount of buzz the bug is getting across the community, though, it’s likely that it’s on the devs’ radar and that a fix will be coming down the line before too long. In the meantime, players should be aware that their teammates or enemies might try to loot and close supply bins, making them appear as though they have loot in them when they actually don’t.

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