Apex Legends bug allows one of game’s most OP characters to ignore season 16 nerfs

Please fix this.

Its no secret that Seers Heart Seeker passive has long been one of the strongest abilities in Apex Legends.

At the start of season 16, Respawn Entertainment looked to tune down Seers Heart Seeker in several ways, including adding a delay to its activation and making its pings less accurate. But as showcased on Tuesday by NRG Apex analyst Sven, it appears a new bug has made the ability more broken than ever before.

In the 13-second Twitter clip, Sven shows how Seers heartbeat sensor can be exploited to allow players to have infinite wallhacks.

Players using Seer are supposed to ADS in order to use the Heart Seeker passive, which severely limits their movement speed and gives them a controlled window to collect info. But, thanks to the bug, it seems players can just run around and even heal with the heartbeat-sensor circle up on their screens at all times.

Perhaps the worst part of all this is that the bug seems to be easy to replicate, with Seer players simply needing to slide, hold down their tactical key bind, and immediately melee to activate it.

It does seem that the glitch is reset once players ADS again, meaning they can only hipfire or throw grenades in fights if they want to keep it active, but theres certainly plenty of damage that can be done to the overall integrity of matches by those who decide to exploit it nonetheless.

At the time of writing, it appears the bug has yet to be listed on Respawns Trello board for known Apex issues.

Hopefully, this gets addressed as soon as possible, as it renders Seers heartbeat sensor nerfs useless and the ability even more oppressive than before. In the meantime, players are urged to avoid abusing the bug in public matches as they might run the risk of getting banned.

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