Apex Legends’ Black Friday sale brings back rare skins with a cool twist and new cosmetics

A surprisingly substantial offering.

Apex Legends is back with another Black Friday sale for players to dig into their wallets for this week. Unlike previous sales, however, this one represents a bit more value to several players. Some rare and fan-favorite Legendary skins are getting new recolors for the event, and more new Legendary skins are also available for purchase.

The star of the show will be Octane’s new streetwear skin, appropriately called Run the Streets. The new skin imagines Octane in a more casual setting than ever before, trading his usual helmet for a baseball hat, and his sleek designs for a hoodie and more everyday clothing. Octane mains will want to get their hands on the new skin, which comes bundled with a new Octane emote, as well.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

As opposed to years past, where the Black Friday sale has mostly been a place filled with bundles of Apex Packs and returning skins, or skins that weren’t Legendaries, 2022’s Black Friday sale has a lot more on offer. Lifeline’s ever-popular Guardian Angel skin is getting the recolor treatment, as is Rampart’s Cleanup Crew. Perhaps most interesting is the recolor of Mirage’s Night Crawler Legendary, originally released as part of the Apex Legends and Market collaboration.

Screngrab via Respawn Entertainment

The new skins all take the same approach for their recolored forms, giving the characters looks in black and burgundy with bright golden accents. For all three legends, the new skins are a sharp design, and enthusiasts of any of the characters won’t want to miss them.

Mirage’s Red Alert and Rampart’s Crimson Fixer skins are especially of note to enthusiasts because of their rarity. Both skins have only been made available twice before in Apex, and neither skin has received a recolored version before now. Players that loved the look of either skin but couldn’t find it anywhere in the store’s normal rotation can now get their hands on a new and improved version.

All of the skins come bundled with a new Legendary skin, the Repeat Offender for the EVA-8. Some fans might not be pleased that there’s no option to simply buy a legend skin without the weapon skin, but at least this is a one skin to have. It’s one of the rare Legendaries that includes animated features along the shotgun’s barrel and reworks the look of the gun’s stock completely for a sleek, aggressive look. The color scheme even matches the new legend skins.

All of the bundles cost 2,500 Apex Coins, which will be knocked down in price if players want to buy multiple bundles since they will already have the EVA-8 skin after the first purchase. There’s also options for players to get larger bundles that come with 20 Apex Packs if they want even more cosmetics.

The Black Friday sale runs from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29 in Apex.

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