Apex Legends’ Awakening event hits live servers with new skins, town takeover, and Control mode

Which side are you backing?

Awakening, Apex Legends‘ latest collection event, is now live for all players.

As is standard for collection events, the Awakening event is bringing plenty of new content to the battle royale. Olympus is receiving a town takeover in the form of Lifeline’s Clinic, which is planted in between Gardens and Grow Towers to give players new rotation opportunities and looting potential. In and around the clinic, players can heal themselves via the Med-bay or summon a free care package once per game.

Awakening also marks the return of Control, one of the community’s favorite limited-time modes. Players face off in huge nine-vs-nine fights as they attempt to control multiple zones on some of the game’s most recognizable POIs. Developer Respawn Entertainment made plenty of small quality-of-life changes, including tweaking spawn wave times and increasing capture rate based on the number of players standing on a zone, so the mode should feel more engaging than ever.

Respawn took the opportunity to also introduce a few balance changes with the event. The R-301 and the Rampage have moved back to the floor loot, while the Wingman and C.A.R. will now be restricted to replicators. Lifeline received an across-the-board buff: the player being revived by her D.O.C. drone can now cancel the revive, and D.O.C. has an infinite healing pool and double the radius when deployed as part of her tactical. Her Care Package ultimate has a reduced cooldown, includes a shield battery rather than two shield cells, and doesn’t send up a blue beacon while dropping. There are also wide-reaching changes to ranked following community complaints, including lower entry costs and more RP awarded for high elimination counts across the board.

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It wouldn’t be a collection event without plenty of new cosmetics to vie for. Awakening is introducing 24 new skins for both legends and their weapons, many of which match. Those who acquire or purchase the entire set will obtain Valkyrie’s new Heirloom, the Suzaku spear. Free cosmetics are also available through the Awakening reward tracker, which grants a gun charm, a Pathfinder skin, and two weapon skins. Players looking for even more loot can check out the in-game store for special deals on skin bundles.

Awakening is now live for all players.

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