Apex Legends’ attempt to credit streamer on skin design goes very poorly

The Aftershock Wave skin drama continues to churn.

In an attempt to credit a popular streamer and content creator in for their work on an Apex Legends weapon skin, developer Respawn Entertainment made a small, but meaningful, error.

Respawn added the name of former NRG content creator and Apex streamer LuluLuvely, who helped design the Aftershock Wave R-301 skin for the game’s third birthday event last year, to the skin’s preview page. Unfortunately, the developer misspelled her name: The skin is described as “Inspired by LuluLovely” rather than “LuluLuvely.” No other creator names were added to Aftershock Wave’s description or any other weapon skin.

After KralRindo, a popular Apex data miner and news source, noticed the mistake, Apex senior producer Josh Medina claimed ownership of the mistake in a tweet response. “I’m adding in credits for all the participants for [an] upcoming patch,” he shared. “Blurbs crediting creators and [artists] involved [are] coming soon.” This presumably means other community-made skins will be receiving credits in the near future.

LuluLuvely, who quit playing Apex earlier this year, was originally involved in the creation of the Aftershock Wave skin alongside community artist lilakey. In a clip explaining one of the reasons why she quit, she claimed that shortly before the skins went live, EA revealed that the creators and artists of the community skins would not be credited in the game, nor would they receive any revenue from sales of the skin. LuluLuvely shared that the only recognition they were promised was a mention in a blog post.

According to Dexerto, LuluLuvely was paid directly for helping out with the skins, but because EA wasn’t using her name and likeness in the game, she received no compensation once the skin went live. Now that LuluLuvely’s name is in the game, it isn’t clear whether she’ll receive any sort of royalties or whether the terms of her agreement with EA will change. Even so, this is a step in the right direction for artists and community members, who always deserve to have their work credited.

Lulu has yet to respond to the addition of her name to Apex or the misspelling.

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