Apex glitch that turns melee into lethal attacks rears its ugly head again

It always finds a way back.

A troublesome Apex Legends melee glitch that allows players to strike others much quicker than usual is back, but only if youre playing Ballistic, according to multiple players who have encountered it since season 17 began on May 9.

It has been around since the first season and has manifested itself in different ways each time it’s come back. It was believed to happen after having a cancellable ultimate fully charged, then pressing melee, canceling the animation by activating a legends ultimate ability, and spamming the two buttons repeatedly. That changed, however, when it appeared on different legends like Horizon and Pathfinder.

Ballistic seems to be the sole benefactor this time, and according to YouTuber OCZSAVAGE, its easier to do than ever. All you need to do is switch to Ballistics Sling Weapon repeatedly while meleeing.

If timed correctly, it will cancel the animation, allowing you to spam the melee attack over and over again. Other players have been quick to take advantage of it.

One player who encountered someone using the glitch captured the hilarious sequence of events that transpired. The video they shared on Reddit on May 15 shows a seemingly innocent Ballistic player baiting them into stepping into the boxing ring on Olympus. Things started out well enough after the player landed the first attack, but just when it looked like the momentum was on their side, the Ballistic player overwhelmed them with a swift flurry of attacks that wouldn’t be possible without using the nasty Apex glitch.

The video generated some laughs, but other players were quick to share their frustrating experiences with encountering the glitch yet again. They cant believe there was a time when those who took advantage of it on other legends wanted it to be a permanent feature.

Respawn will likely fix it post-haste, as in the past. But if its track record is anything to go by, the glitch will likely weasel its way back at some point down the road. Its a stubborn one, but as annoying as it is, at least its not totally gamebreaking.

The Apex devs have, at publication, not said anything about the bug.

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