Apex fan transforms legends into a creepy ’80s dark fantasy film with the help of AI

The results are actually pretty incredible.

Say what you will about the ethics of AI art, but some of the tools out there right now are creating some incredible stuff, as evidenced by this new video posted to Reddit by an Apex Legends fan.

The video is short, but sweet, at just over a minute long, but it features several of the game’s playable characters as “an 80’s Dark Fantasy Film,” according to the uploader hotntasty. And it’s actually very unsettling, especially for a few select legends who got a pretty intense treatment.

All of the legends got some pretty cool looks to fit the theme and even cooler names that make them sound like bosses in Dark Souls or Elden Ring.

Gibraltar, the Unbreakable Bastion, looks excellent as the lovable big lug that he is, and Seer, the Mystic Sage looks like they were ripped straight out of an intense cosplay photoshoot. No one is more spot-on, however, than Margaret, the Mad, whose depiction is about as accurate as it could get.

Not all of the legends got such kind treatment, though. Mirage, the Phantom Deceiver, looks like a cross between WWE wrestler Marc Mero and an 80s-era adult film actor. And then there’s Crypto, fully equipped with his medieval popped collar and drone morphed into a bird.

Arguably the best of the bunch, and easily the most terrifying, is Revenant. The murder bot is scary enough as it is, but this version is genuinely disturbing, featuring a kind of metallic crown jutting out of his human bone skull for a face.

Hotntasty says that the video was made with a combination of Photoshop and AI art technology called Midjourney. They say that there’s more on the way, including “Caustic, the Loathsome Stink Sniffer.”

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