Apex devs promise players they’re working on ‘Engine Error’ that keeps crashing games

No clear resolution until tomorrow, Respawn says.

Apex Legends has hit its all-time peak player numbers with the most recent season and collection event, but with each patch comes its fair share of bugs. There have been many server crashes and errors that heavily impact the user experience, leaving many players constantly checking if the servers are down

Unfortunately, yet another new bug is now rendering the battle royale nigh unplayable by taking players completely out of their ongoing matchesthe dreaded Engine Error.

When trying to load into any game mode, or during a match in progress, a pop-up can show up on the screen that reads: Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room. This bug also kicks the player back out to the main menu. 

User experience with the engine error has resulted in many different reported negative outcomes. Some players have been able to reconnect to their match, before being kicked back out to the menus again. Others are taken back to the lobby screen, alongside a new error message that says they cannot rejoin a forfeited match, followed by an abandoned match penalty.

There is no clear correlation to how this error occurs, but the amount of players affected by the issue continues to grow, with both the casual and competitive player base voicing their discontent. 

StayNaughtyy, a professional player previously on Cloud9, even spoke out after crashing multiple times on his Twitch stream due to this error, highlighting how much the error impacts each game of Apex.

Respawn currently has no clear resolution to the error, with plans to report back on any progress made in fixing the issue.

With the Spellbound event ending on Jan. 24 and ALGS Split One Playoffs starting on Thursday, Feb. 2, Respawn has to find a solution soon or risk even more trouble.

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